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my journey of vibrational co creation and manifestation <3

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chrissy dragon

Being a Mom is strange, almost as srange as being married. Both weird, but good.

I really hope I find the time to post in here everyday, there is a lot of benefit in journaling.....even if they are just private. I have had this journal since...what....2003? That is a long time, like long lost is such a trip to go back and read the old entries....I am really glad I kept my journal up back then...

Maybe I can keep this updated while Levi naps in the morning. He is 11 weeks old now, and already in 9mo size clothes! I bet he is going to be tall, well James and I are pretty tall (duh)..

I am pissed that the Niner is closing, I know I don't go anymore...but I have met so many awesome people there...and so many good memories are in there. James and I had our first date there (didn't MEET here) first date tho.

First the Ranch Bowl, then the Niner...and now CONAN.....


Stuff I need to do;
  • Work on Levi's Baby book
  • Make Levi a baby blanket
  • Get Quickbooks updated forthe past 2 weeks of Omaha Aquaria Business Busniess
  • Start my Ebay store (have wanted to do this for YEARS)
  • bake some cookies
  • find a place to live
  • make James a Valentines Day gift list (cuz he asked for one)
  • make a new video on youtube
  • loose baby fat (haaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

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being a mom is weird. but awesome.

are you planning on buying a house? i love our neighborhood so much. it's in westwood between 120th & 132nd & center. the houses are very reasonably priced.

I hope we will be getting a house eventually...yes

Right now we are staying wiht my Parents, since I qui my job to stay home with Levi...then James got laid off right before Christmas.....

But, good things are on the way...I just have to wait for some things to fall into place. :-)

I am glad you like your house and your neiborhood, for some reason I imagined you living in Benson...ha

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