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Rainbow Child
chrissy dragon

The Rainbow children are the Wayshowers. The Rainbow children have been on a wave whose mission it is for integration. These children are integrators on every level. They are the ones who bring unity to all of us.

The Rainbow children integrate the love and the new creation and weave it through with the rainbow light. All aspects and all spectrums, all potential possibilities. The Rainbow children see things as they can be. They see them in their highest light and they bring their rainbow light to all of their creations. To their writing, to their art, to their communications, to their you-tube videos, to their skateboarding. They are industrious, they are thorough, they are an inspiration to the others who know them. These are high energy children. They are pragmatic, they are friendly, they are enthusiastic and exuberant and sometimes that will setoff a teacher or a parent or a grandparent who thinks they are hard to handle. They are excited about everything and they wish to co-create new realities every single day. They never want to do the same thing twice. They are always experiencing their world on every level. They are greatly imaginative and we all can learn something from their exuberance for life and their willingness to celebrate even the smallest wonders.

The Rainbow children express their selves through color. They do this by coloring their hairstyle. They color their fingernails and their toenails, some get tatoos and body piercing, they wear colorful clothes. They use color in their artwork. They see all the things in creation that are colorful and they celebrate it. Flowers, the sunset, the color of the sea. Everything they express and experience, they see in color. They celebrate through color. It brings them their happiness and joy.

You will recognize a Rainbow toddler in the store because she is crying and stomping her feet and will not leave the store until Mother buys her the rainbow colored sparkly shoes. Because these colorful rainbow sparkly shoes bring her more joy than she’s remembered in a very long time. And she wants them on her feet and she wants to see every color every time she takes a step out into her new realm. These are the Rainbow children.


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